Exclusive interview of Fm Rj/Dj Schehzad Shah at Funnypaki Web Radio


Schehzad started off in radio in his mid teens from FM 101 and eventually moving on to FM 100 Lahore. Being known as DJ Ash at the time, there was yet so much to learn. But both radio stations left a profound influence on his life including educating him on work ethic in a creative profession.

He went on to work for Club Asia Radio, TotalRock Radio and FCUK FM in London, England, all of which expanded his horizons.

Traveling between Lahore, London and Karachi, Schehzad joined up on Mast FM 103 and simultaneously pursues other projects for TV and as a voice over artist for commercials and soaps.

Currently, he is working for Geo TV and is also voicing the lead character of ATV’s drama Ek Pyar Kahani


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