Exclusive Interview Of Faraz Nayyer at Funnypaki Radio


Faraz Nayyer born in PUNJAB, Lahore, Pakistan.

His love for music was evident from a very early age, He is a versatile singer & composer with a very soothing voice texture. He started his career in his early teenage years. Faraz discovered his own voice which can be recognized easily and his vocal capabilities are liked by youngsters & elders.

Faraz started his music journey with his elder brother Sam Nayyer, who is a great self taught guitarist, currently living in U.S.A.

Because of Faraz’s musical background, Faraz can now play Piano, guitar and drums.

Besides music Faraz loves to travel & discover new cultures & have been to many Asian countries

Very talented Rana Faraz Nayyer Playback Singer Rana Ranbir SIngh .

Okay Guys Recorded Show Exclusive Interview Of Very Talented Rana Faraz Nayyer Only On www.funnypaki.com/chat smile emoticon if u missed it You can listen it

Show hosted : RJ Saba

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