Exclusive Interview Of ▬Chef Ripu Daman Handa ▬ On Funnypaki Web Radio


It all started when I entered the kitchen for the first time to cook for my mom and sister in law when I was in school. They were too tired to cook our dinner, so I got up and prepared a dal and rolled out “Chapatis” for them. They appreciated and encouraged me to try my hands on cooking. And the journey began. I would often go to the “Gurudwara” and make chapatis there to practice making the perfect “Rotis”, I was nothing in life since i was always a turn off in academics, but I was keen on trying new things and experiment with my own food.

Okay Guys Recorded Show Exclusive Interview Of Very Talented Ameer Ali Only Onwww.funnypaki.com/chat smile emoticon if u missed it You can listen it

Show hosted : RJ Mishail And Rj Chulbul

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